Made over three days for Flatgame Jam 2021.

The theme: A place you remember visiting when you were younger.

A personal game about memories of seaside holidays as a child.

Controls: WASD

Everything by me except for sound which is a mix of edited versions of a midi of 'I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside' from the Internet Archive and a recording of gulls from freesound user owl. The cover image is an actual postcard.

Also thanks to the organizers of the jam and creators of the idea of 'flatgames'. The format and the focus on handmade art is particularly appropriate for personal games like this and I thank you for giving me this opportunity to explore my memories in this way.

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Oh I do like to be  beside the seaside. A very touching very stark contrast to my childhood summer holidays camping in the west of Ireland, going for drives just to do something while it rained and climbing mountains and swimming on the days that had even slightly nice weather. Still this flatgame put me in the time and place and that was really magical. I loved the art, especially the pitch and putt and also the walk cycle had that sort of spinning ballerina silhouette effect where it could look like it was walking any direction convincingly. Thank you for sharing this.