Survive precarity and the 'wisdom' of the self-made man.

A silly little thing made for Ludum dare 45 (theme 'start with nothing').

Made in a few hours - didn't have any more time to spare.

You start with no money. Hustle to collect the gold coins and try to avoid the bills - red coins. The higher the coin the more money you make. And watch out for the self-made man who will get in your way with lots of unasked for advice.

The main reason I made this at all is because I had such a strong reaction to the theme once I started thinking about it. I couldn't stop hearing the complacent platitudes of the self-made man who started with nothing.

Controls: X key to jump

Graphics from Pixabay
Music is 'Kitten on the Keys' by Zez Confrey and his Orchestra from

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